Other Techniques

Your custom treatment plan may not only include Acupuncture, but other techniques as described below:
Cupping (see pic above): This technique involves using glass cups or plastic cups where suction is created and placed on the body.  Cupping is useful to relieve pain and even to help release early cold symptoms, such as cough.
Moxibustion (Moxa): This is the process of burning mugwort which provides relieving pain, tonifying the body’s energy and stimulating Acupuncture points.
Korean Hand Energetics (KHE) – This is a form of treatment where magnets are used on the mirrored points of the body on the hand.  KHE can be used for acute and chronic conditions, including pain, stress relief, depression and more.
Tui-Na (Chinese Massage): This is a form of manual manipulation of the body to stimulate energy movement and Acupuncture points providing relaxation, pain relief, cough relief and general relaxation.
Shoni-shin: A part of Japanese Acupuncture, Shoni-shin, was formed as an alternative to Acupuncture for use with infants and pediatrics.  It involves the use of tools applied to the surface of the body to stimulate Acupuncture meridians and points, where the goal is to rebalance internal energetics resolving common pediatric ailments, such as digestive issues, teething difficulties, cough and more.

This is not an exhaustive list of techniques, but there are others that may be used during your treatment as well – all to harmonize mind, body and spirit.

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Effective non-needling techniques

Sometimes treatment plans call for other techniques outside of Acupuncture. That is when we would incorporate any of these. Other times, someone may not want needles...and that's ok! These techniques are still instrumental in your healthcare. Schedule your session today.
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