Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is a wonderful complement to Acupuncture and can even be used by itself.  What constitutes an herb?  The therapeutic parts of some plants, fruits and vegetables can be either the root, leaf, fruit, seed or even the peel.  Each part plays an important role in supporting the goal of alleviating symptoms while harmonizing the internal body systems.

Even if you are using medications and other supplements, Dr. De’Nicea will take that into consideration when selecting the appropriate herbs for you so as to not introduce anything that may have an adverse effect with your current treatment.

Herbal therapies can be administered topically or internally.  Also, they can be in the form of teapills, powder, tea from raw herbs (as seen in picture to the right) or granules.  Dr. De’Nicea will work with you so you are given an herbal formula that best fits with your lifestyle.  If it easier to take them in pill form, then that is what you will get.  Some chronic cases may require a custom formula to be made.  This is similar to compounding that is offered by some pharmacies, but is with herbs.

You can be rest assured that Hilton Holistic Health has partnered with companies that provide high-quality herbs that meet or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP.)

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You have the flexibility to incorporate Acupuncture with your Herbal Therapy or can do Herbal Therapy by itself. In-Person and Virtual Options are available. Schedule an herbal consultation today.
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